Martin Turner: writer


The One Basic Plot

How to write stories that are worth telling.

A short eBook for writers uncovers the single pattern that underpins how we tell stories.


The Swan Maiden

Older Gods | Meaner Girls | Smarter Phones

What do you do when the teacher you hate turns out to be a Valkyrie?


The Skifter

Knights. Armour. Maidens.

When Scott Raynall discovers there is more to his family than he imagined, he is driven back in time through the snows of England to an Arthurian landscape of beauty, fire and danger.


The Impostor

Buckle your swashes and prepare for bamboozle!

Lying is a lifestyle to Victorian impostor Maximilian Curtice, but he meets his match in a strong-willed princess, a castle in the forest, and an enemy even more devious than he is.­­


The Saxon Thief

Every Saint has a past

From the shores of 7th century Friesland to the last dwindling Roman city in Mercia, apostate Cuthbert and converted heathen Eadmund follow a trail of blood, revenge, murder and gold to bring peace at last between Saxons and­­ Britons.


The Ten Minute Strategist

Doing strategy right, doing it fast, and doing it a lot.

An introduction to becoming a strategist. Non-fiction.


The Winds of Space

­­­Lars Sørensson only wants to fly

In the 27th century, humankind has lost its nerve. Galactic exploration has stagnated. Science is dying. Lars Sørensson, Fenula Stocton and Emile (no surname) are going to win a race, kickstart science and discover an alien civilisation from the long past. YA


Desk Top Publishing with QuarkXPress

Illustrated guide to working with the leading DTP software QuarkXPress. 2018 edition. Still current for 95% of functionallity.